Maurer – Mezes Feher 2017


Natural dry white wine, 14 days maceration/skin contact, old oak barrel aged.
Fermented and rested in used 500 liter barrels without the addition of sulfur.
The wine matured under flor – cap of yeast that forms over wine as it ages in barrel, protecting the wine from oxidation. Actually, it creates an environment for micro-oxidation that gives this wine unique character.
Grape variety: Mezes Feher (HU) or Medenac Beli (SRB)
Serving: 10 – 12 ° C
Alcohol percentage: 14%
Content: 0.75 L
Unconventional, well balanced amber wine; linden tea, herbal trace and hay, dried fruit, walnut, orange peel and bitter almond in the finish.
Serve with: lamb, vegetarian dishes, roasted veal or pork, Asian spicy food, creamy desert, orange and dark chocolate

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