In a previous chapter of his life, Djordje forged his path as a seasoned drum’n’ bass DJ amidst the lively nightlife of Belgrade. Simultaneously, he showcased his athleticism as a dedicated basketball player. The Bikicki family’s involvement in winemaking traces back to his father and uncle, who initially ventured into vineyards, steering their family-owned winery.

Bikicki’s 8 hectares of vineyards are situated in Banoštor, an ancient wine region on the northern slopes of Mount Fruška Gora overlooking the Danube River. The mountain, located in the north-west part of Serbia, is a geological wonder (Fruška Gora is also known as the “Mirror of the geological past”), as it contains rocks from almost all geological periods. This area was once an island in the Pannonian Sea, therefore rich in minerals. Much of Fruška Gora is a protected National Park, right on the border of the Bikicki vineyards.

Fruška Gora lies on the 45th parallel north, along with other famous wine regions such as Bordeaux, Italy’s Piedmont region, the Rhone Valley and the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Fruška Gora has a long history of wine production. In the 15th century it was recognized as one of the world’s top terroirs together with Tokai, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

At one point participating at a local wine festival, fatefully, Djordje’s wine stand found itself adjacent to Maurer Winery’s booth. The encounter allowed Djordje to discover and explore Oszkar’s minimal intervention wines from indigenous grape varieties, which captivated him with their distinct and authentic flavors.

Recognizing this as the path he wished to tread, Djordje aspired to craft wines similarly, but then from international grape varieties. The brief encounter with Maurer and his winemaking style was of great influence on Djordje’s wine preferences and it was all it took to align Oskar’s energy with his vision.

Thus, in 2013, the narrative of Bikicki wines unfolded.

Since the debut of Bikicki Winery the landscape of natural wines in Serbia has evolved significantly. A local audience has embraced the philosophy behind these wines and Djordje’s creations have garnered international acclaim. The news of his wines receiving accolades at international competitions, such as Traminer Uncensored 2016 being recognized as the best orange wine in the Balkans and Uncensored 2018 winning a gold medal at the Decanter wine competition in London, filled Djordje with enthusiasm. These honors validate his chosen path—a path that doesn’t necessarily follow the conventional route but is, instead, forged by a visionary.