Maurer Winery is situated in the northern part of Serbia, near Subotica. Mainly growing native varieties the winery is keen on preserving a natural, traditional way of wine making. The winery owns a bigger number of individual vineyard parcels in two different regions, Subotica region near the border with Hungary, and Fruška Gora, a bit more to the south next to the Danube river.

Having 15 hectares divided over 20 different plots, among which the highly interesting pre-phylloxera vineyard from the year 1880 with Kadarka grapes, most vineyards derive from the beginning of 20th century.

With 4 generations curing the art of wine making and being dedicated to low intervention and indigenous grapes, Oszkar Maurer also passionately works with many younger winemakers sharing his knowledge and promoting the Central-European Pannonian Basin as one of the oldest European wine regions.


Terroir Squad #11 – Maurer from terroir squad on Vimeo.