Erno Sagmeister: A Trailblazer of Natural Wines in Serbia

Serbia is a country with a long and rich history of wine production, dating back to ancient times. However, in recent years, Serbia has also emerged as a go-to destination for wine lovers seeking something different and authentic.
One of the pioneers leading this trend is Erno Sagmeister, a natural wine producer from Kanjiža, a town in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina.

Erno Sagmeister does not follow the conventional rules and standards of modern winemaking; instead, he relies on his intuition and hard work, avoiding the easy and beaten path and adhering to the old traditional way.

His vineyards, strategically located on the south slopes of Fruška Gora Mountain, benefit from the unique microclimate, enclosed with rivers Danube and Sava and diverse soil composition of the region.
This terroir imparts distinct characteristics to the grapes, contributing to the expressive, complex and balanced nature of Erno’s wines.

Employing minimal intervention, spontaneous fermentation and avoiding filtration or additives, Erno Sagmeister crafts his wines with a deep respect for the land. Indigenous grape varieties such as Furmint, Kadarka and Harslevelu thrive in this environment, showcasing the symbiosis between the local climate conditions, soil and the meticulous care given by Erno and his team.

His commitment to authenticity and the traditional Serbian winemaking style, combined with the unique terroir of Fruška Gora, sets Erno Sagmeister apart, ensuring that each bottle tells a captivating story of the Serbian landscape.

His wines are expressive, complex, and balanced, highlighting the terroir of the Fruška Gora region.