Tokaji, still a rather mysterious central European wine region known for Aszú and Eszencia sweet wines, has a lot to offer on the dry wine spectrum for curious pleasure seekers and wine explorers.
One of the most prominent players of natural, traditional winemaking in Tokaji are Tímea and Tamás Éless, driving forces behind Szóló Wine.

In the small romantic village of Tállya they make graceful, luscious and unrivalled wines from grapes such as Furmint, Hárslevelű and Muscat Lunel.

These wines, from Tokaji volcanic soil, have a mineral and sometimes flinty sensation in common. Great freshness with citrus notes ranging from lime and grapefruit to, if with extended maceration, mellow orange-peel.

Timea loves working with amphora and ceramic eggs. However, working with oak barrels as part of Tokaj tradition is never abandoned. Giving the influence of oak barrels a twist, Szolo uses mainly steamed oak instead of toasted. Steamed or neutral barrels provide a sufficient flow of oxygen (essential to long maturation) without adding heavy wood flavours to the wine. This works great with oxidative, flor style wines.